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Our Mission

Davidson Painting & Paperhanging, LLC believes in order to be successful we must align our goals with those of the customers we serve. Our mission is simple, yet it speaks strongly to this alignment:

To provide high quality, friendly painting and paperhanging services,
at a fair price.

In order to deliver on our mission, we are committed to providing:

High Quality Work - All work provided by Davidson Painting & Paperhanging is completed by highly qualified professionals, with extensive industry knowledge and experience. Davidson Painting & Paperhanging, LLC uses only the finest quality materials for the job and all materials are applied with the highest care and precision.

Friendly Service - Davidson Painting & Paperhanging's customers are more than clients, their our friends. Those working for Davidson Painting & Paperhanging, LLC are courteous, helpful, and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Fair Prices - Davidson Painting & Paperhanging believes that any quality service is made that much more special, when the service is priced to sell. With free estimates, free color an design consultations, and a very competitive pricing strategy, our customers enjoy peace of mind when purchasing our services.

For Davidson Painting & Paperhanging, success comes when we work along with our clients to create a home of their dreams.

With Davidson...
"Our heart is where your home is"